The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
BUILDING: Any walled or roofed structure, including mobile homes, commercial establishments, dwellings and any accessory structures.
DANGEROUS AND UNSAFE BUILDING: Any building or structure which has any of the following defects or is in any of the following conditions that shall be deemed unsafe:
   A.   Whenever any door, aisle, passageway, stairway or other means of exit is not of sufficient width or size or is not so arranged as to provide a safe and adequate means of exit in case of fire or panic for all persons housed or assembled therein who would be required to or might use such door, aisle, passageway, stairway or other means of exit.
   B.   Whenever any portion thereof has been damaged by wind, flood, fire or any other cause in such a manner that the structural strength or stability thereof is appreciably less than it was before the catastrophe and is less than the minimum requirements of this chapter.
   C.   Whenever any portion or member or appurtenance thereof is likely to fall or to become detached or dislodged or to collapse and thereby injure persons or damage property.
   D.   Whenever any portion thereof has settled to such an extent that walls or other structural portions have materially less resistance to winds than is required in the case of new construction.
   E.   Whenever any building or structure or any part thereof, because of dilapidation, deterioration, decay, or faulty construction, or because of the removal or movement of some portion of the ground necessary for the purpose of supporting such building or portion thereof, or for other reason, is likely to partially or completely collapse, or some portion of the foundation or underpinning is likely to fall or give way.
   F.   Whenever, for any reason whatsoever, the building or structure or any portion thereof is manifestly unsafe for the purpose for which it is used.
   G.   Whenever the building or structure has been so damaged by fire, wind or flood, or has become so dilapidated or deteriorated, as to become an attractive nuisance to children who might play in or about the building or structure to their danger.
   H.   Whenever the building or structure has been so damaged by fire, wind or flood, or has become so dilapidated or deteriorated as to afford a harbor for trespassers, or as to enable persons to resort thereto for the purpose of committing a nuisance or unlawful acts.
   I.   Whenever a building or structure used or intended to be used for dwelling purposes, because of dilapidation, decay, damage or faulty construction or arrangement, is unsanitary or unfit for human habitation and is likely to work injury to the health, safety or general welfare of those living within.
   J.   Whenever a building or structure is infested with rodents, insects, pests or other vermin, or is likely to cause sickness or disease.
   K.   Whenever any building shall become vacant, dilapidated or open at door or window, leaving the interior of the building exposed to the elements or accessible to entrance by trespassers.
   L.   Whenever any unoccupied building or structure is deemed a nuisance and the structure or building has been secured by the owner or his agents by covering up the windows and exits with lumber or materials other than glazing materials for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days or more, thereby causing a blighting influence on a neighborhood. (2018 Code)