Refuse containers shall conform to the following regulations.
   (A)   Construction. All refuse containers shall be equipped with suitable handles and tight-fitting covers and shall be water-tight and vermin proof.
   (B)   Conditions. Refuse containers shall be kept by the responsible tenant in a neat, clean and sanitary condition so as to prevent insect breeding, nuisances and unsightly conditions. The containers shall be in good repair and free of ragged or sharp edges or other defects likely to injure or hamper the person using or collecting the contents thereof.
   (C)   Replacement. Any refuse container which does not conform to the provisions of this chapter shall be promptly replaced with a proper container by the responsible tenant or collector supplying the container. Failure to replace the improper container within ten days after receipt of written notice from the City Administrator’s office to do so shall constitute a violation of this chapter and shall subject the responsible tenant or collector to the penalties provided therefor.
   (D)   Location; identification. All refuse containers shall be kept as near the rear of the premises as practicable, at the alley if there be an alley at the place, and shall be located so as to be easily accessible to the collector. The containers shall be kept above the ground or on an impervious surface. Each container shall bear the number of the property address or the name of the commercial establishment for the purpose of enabling the collector to return the container to the property and to correctly identify violators.
(Prior Code, § 10-3) (Ord. 752, passed - -)