Chickens must be confined at all times in a chicken coop or chicken run. Chicken coops and chicken runs shall comply with the following requirements:
   (A)   The location of the chicken coop or run shall comply with the setback requirements for accessory structures in the zoning district in which the property lies; and shall be located in the rear or side yard of the property and all chickens must be kept in a manner that does not constitute a nuisance to the occupants of adjacent properties.
   (B)   Whether moveable or stationary chicken coops shall not exceed 60 square feet (by outside dimensions) or six feet in height and must provide at least two square feet per chicken. Coops must be elevated with a clear, open space of at least 24 inches between the ground and the floor or framing of the coop.
   (C)   Chicken runs must not exceed 120 square feet or six feet in height and must be completely enclosed with woven wire or wood.
   (D)   Chicken feed must be stored in rodent and raccoon-proof containers.
(Ord. 864, passed 1-10-2018)