The permit shall be subject to all terms and conditions of this subchapter and any additional conditions deemed necessary by the City Council to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The necessary permit applications will be available in the city's Animal Control Office. An initial fee and/or a renewal fee, which the City Council may establish from time to time, shall be charged for each permit. Permits shall be effective for one year and may be renewed for additional one-year periods. The city may revoke any permit issued under this subchapter if the person holding the permit refuses or fails to comply with this subchapter, with any regulations promulgated by the City Council pursuant to this subchapter, or with any state or local law governing cruelty to animals or the keeping of animals. Any person whose permit is revoked shall, within ten days thereafter humanely dispose of all chickens being owned, kept or harbored by such person, and no part of the permit fee shall be refunded. Dead chickens must be disposed of according to the Minnesota Board of Animal Health rules which, require chicken carcasses to be disposed of as soon as possible after death, usually within 48 to 72 hours. Legal forms of chicken carcass disposal include burial, offsite incineration or rendering, or offsite composting. Slaughtering of chickens on the property is prohibited.
(Ord. 864, passed 1-10-2018)