(A)   Animal biting. Whenever any animal capable of transmitting the rabies virus has bitten any person or domestic animal, the owner or custodian of the biting animal, upon being notified by the Animal Control Officer, will immediately cause the animal to be quarantined at the animal shelter, or by a veterinarian licensed to practice in the State of Minnesota and approved by the city, for a period of ten days after the bite incident. The Animal Control Officer may allow the owner to quarantine the animal if proof of current rabies vaccination is provided.  All expenses related to any quarantine will be the responsibility of the animal owner.
   (B)   (1)   Release from quarantine. At the end of ten days, a licensed veterinarian shall examine the animal to ascertain whether symptoms of rabies exist. If the veterinarian diagnoses the animal to be free of the signs of rabies, the animal shall be released from quarantine.
      (2)   If a quarantined animal sickens or dies, it shall be sent to the Minnesota Department of Health for rabies testing. The owner of the animal is responsible for the cost of quarantine, veterinary fees and testing.
   (C)   Noncompliance of order. If an owner fails to comply with any portion of the quarantine, the animal shall be seized and impounded for the remainder of the quarantine period.  The animal may be reclaimed by the owner as set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 857, passed 10-14-2015)