(A)   (1)   No residential address shall own, care for, have custody or control of more than three dogs within the city limits.
      (2)   No person shall own, care for, have custody or control of, within the city limits, any non-domestic animal as defined in this chapter.
      (3)   Exceptions. An exception may be made to this prohibition for the following:  non-domestic animals within the City's Agricultural Zoning District as specifically provided within the city's Zoning Ordinance.
   (B)   Restrictions on food and drink establishments. It is unlawful for the owner or operator of any  establishment wherein the selling, handling, processing or preparation of food is done to permit any animal in such establishment except as allowed by Minnesota Statutes.
(Ord. 857, passed 10-14-2015; Ord. 6.2-2021, passed 6-23-2021)