(A)   License required. It will be unlawful for any person to own, keep or harbor any dog or dogs over six  months of age within the city, without having obtained a license.
      (1)   Dog licenses. No license will be issued for any dog unless the applicant presents proof of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian as proof that the dog has been immunized as required by § 90.06.
      (2)   Information required. The owner is required to state the dog's name, sex, breed, color and any other information required by the Chief of Police on each license application. 
      (3)   Date of payment of license fee. It is the duty of the owner of a dog required to be licensed to pay the license fee on or before January 1 of each year, or upon acquiring ownership or possession of an unlicensed dog, or upon establishing residence in the city. All licenses will expire on the last day of December of the same calendar year following its issuance, unless a lifetime license is purchased.  If any owner does not obtain a license for his/her dog by this date, a late license fee will be added onto the regular dog license fee.
      (4)   Non-refundable. No refunds will be made on any dog license fee because of the removal of the dog from the city or because of the death of the dog before the expiration of the license period.
   (B)   Tags.
      (1)   Generally. Upon approval of a dog license application, the applicant will be provided with a tag which shall be permanently fastened to the collar of the dog in such manner that the tag may be seen easily, and the tag will be worn constantly by such dog.
      (2)   Duplicate tags. When any dog tag is lost, a duplicate may be issued upon presentation of a receipt showing the payment of the license fee for the then current year. Fees for duplicate tags will be established by City Council.
      (3)   Offenses involving tags. It is unlawful to counterfeit, or attempt to counterfeit, the tags provided for in this section or to remove from any dog a tag legally placed upon it with the intent of placing it upon another dog, or to place such tag upon another dog. It is unlawful for any person to transfer any tag issued, or to place a tag upon any dog other than the one for which it was issued, provided a tag may be transferred with the dog for which it was issued.
(Ord. 857, passed 10-14-2015; Ord. 866, passed 6-14-2017)