The owner shall correct these defects by the following:
   (A)   Main supporting beams to be supported properly at the outer walls;
   (B)   Outer walls from the foundation to the first floor line to be constructed so as to carry first and second floor outer walls safely;
   (C)   Joists on first and second floors to be of a size able to carry a live load of 40 pounds per square foot of floor surface;
   (D)   Joists to rest on beams or bearing partitions and lapped and spiked together and to be properly bridged;
   (E)   Sub-flooring to be replaced with sound lumber;
   (F)   Sheathing of outer walls and front porch to be replaced with sound lumber;
   (G)   The walls of the building that bulge outward from the main structure are to be replaced and made plumb and so constructed that it will not be possible for them to pull away from the main structure;
   (H)   Front porch and stairs to be replaced with sound lumber;
   (I)   Rear stairway to first and second floors to be replaced with sound lumber;
   (J)   All wood framing adjacent to chimney to be so constructed as to leave a two-inch clearance space between said framing and chimney;
   (K)   Basement ceiling, the first floor ceiling, stairway enclosing walls, and walls of hallways shall be plastered on metal lath; and
   (L)   Walls in basement from ceiling to foundation to be plastered on metal lath or properly firestopped. All work done in the construction of this building to be done in compliance with the County Zoning Code and all other codes applicable thereto.
(Prior Code, § 6-2-4) Penalty, see § 10.99