The County Clerk may revoke a license already granted upon failure of the applicant or the licensee to comply with the requirements of any applicable law or ordinance, or when it is shown to the satisfaction of the County Clerk that the applicant or business in question has violated any law or ordinance, or any sanitary, safety, police or other rule or regulation. The County Clerk shall provide notice of the revocation and the reasons for the revocation and the applicant or licensee may appeal the decision in the same manner as set forth in subsection 3-1-4B of this chapter. Prior to revoking a business license the County Clerk may provide notice to the applicant or licensee of a pending revocation and the reasons for the pending revocation. If the County Clerk provides notice of a pending revocation, the County Clerk shall provide a reasonable period of time for the licensee to correct errors set forth in the notice. (Ord. O-2018-10, 7-23-2018)