A.   Definitions: Definitions for this section are as follows:
    ONE BUSINESS: A business which conducts an operation that complements or is in harmony with a distinct type of business, i.e., a store which sells gas, groceries, hot sandwiches.
   TWO DIFFERENT BUSINESSES: A business which conducts two (2) or more distinctly different types of businesses, i.e., a real estate business, dry cleaners, pawnshop.
   B.   When More Than One Business License Is Required: When a place of business conducts two (2) or more distinctly different types of businesses; then in that event, they both shall hold two (2) distinct and separate licenses for conducting legitimate businesses within the County. If the owner or operator shall have a question or dispute as to the classification of his or her businesses, they shall request in writing with the County Clerk a hearing before the County Commission for a decision determining the number of businesses they are conducting. (Ord. 2006-5, 9-11-2006)