A.   In Writing; Submittal: All applications for licenses shall be made in writing and submitted to the County Clerk.
   B.   Contents: Each application shall show the following:
      1.   The name and address of the person desiring a license. If the applicant is a partnership, the names and addresses of the partners and if a corporation, the names and addresses of all the officers and directors.
      2.   The kind of license desired, stating the business to be performed, practiced or carried on.
      3.   The class of license desired, if such licenses are divided into classes.
      4.   The place where such business is to be carried on, giving the street number, if such business is to be carried on in any building or enclosure or stated location.
      5.   The period of time for which license is desired to be issued.
      6.   Designation of a citizen of the State of Utah as agent for service of process (where the applicant is a nonresident).
      7.   Such other facts and information as may be required by ordinance, the Statutes of the State and the County Commission.
   C.   Confidentiality Of Statement: It shall be the duty of the County Clerk to preserve and keep the said statement so that the contents thereof may not become known, except to the persons charged by law with the administration and enforcement of this chapter.
   D.   Compliance: The County Clerk shall forward the application to the Building Department, Land Use Authority, and any other County office or department that may need to review the application for compliance with State law and this Code. (Ord. O-2018-10, 7-23-2018)