The council shall:
   A.   Promote and develop programs to interest and provide for the welfare of senior citizens.
   B.   Cooperate with the state division of aging and public and private companion agencies on the state and national levels to more effectively meet the needs of and provide opportunities for senior citizens.
   C.   Integrate the activities of groups with kindred aims of providing opportunities for senior citizens to engage in volunteer or paid service to the community and to their fellow men, and providing opportunities in educational, recreational and social pursuits.
   D.   Be aware of and interested in the aspects and needs of the aging, promote appropriate public relations endeavors, and coordinate activities and fiscal management.
   E.   Seek resources at the local, state and national levels to provide services to senior citizens. (Ord. 1997-1, 10-6-1997, eff. retroactive to 9-1-1997)