A.   An overall plan for development of a recreational vehicle park, campground, and glamp-ground shall be submitted to the Land Use Authority Administrator for review. The plan shall be drawn to a scale not smaller than one inch to fifty feet (1" = 50'). At least eight (8) copies of the plan shall be submitted. The plan shall show: (Ord. O-2018-6, 7-9-2018)
      1.   The topography of the site, when required by the Kane County Engineer, represented by contours shown at no greater than two foot (2') intervals;
      2.   A grading and drainage plan detailing geologic and flood hazards shall be submitted to the Land Use Authority Administrator with the application; (Ord. 2013-5, 8-12-2013, eff. 8-27-2013)
      3.   The proposed street and trailer, vehicle, or site space pad layout;
      4.   Any proposed reservations for parks, sites, playgrounds and open spaces, and tabulations showing the percent of area to be devoted to parks, sites, playgrounds and open space, the number of trailer spaces or site locations and total area to be developed; (Ord. O-2018-6, 7-9-2018)
      5.   Any proposed location, number and design of parking spaces;
      6.   Detailed landscaping and utility plan, including location of sewer, water, electricity, gas lines and fire hydrants. (Ord. 2013-5, 8-12-2013, eff. 8-27-2013)
   B.   Upon receipt of the conditional use permit application and all other required materials by the Land Use Authority Administrator and review by the County Engineer, the Land Use Authority Administrator will place the application on the Land Use Authority agenda for review and approval. Should approval be denied, the applicant has thirty (30) days to appeal, in writing, to the Kane County Commission.
      1.   Conditions and compliance requirements can be referenced in chapter 15, article A, "Conditional Uses", of this title.
      2.   Upon approval of conditional use permit application, applicant must contact the Land Use Administrator to schedule a mandatory development meeting. The Development Committee along with the Land Use Administrator will provide information pertaining to required inspections and enforcement of conditions and Code compliance. (Ord. O-2018-6, 7-9-2018)