A.   Any recreational vehicle, located in a Residential Zone, that has fallen into disrepair, collapsed, or is otherwise uninhabitable shall constitute a nuisance and shall be removed from the property within sixty (60) days of notice by the Land Use Administrator. Failure to remove recreational vehicles deemed a nuisance hereunder after notice shall be a violation of this article.
   B.   Trash, refuse, or waste generated from use, storage or occupancy of a recreational vehicle must be contained and disposed of properly at all times.
   C.   Setbacks still apply according to the zone the recreational vehicle is placed in.
   D.   Any violation of this article is punishable as a Class C misdemeanor. (Ord. 2013-9, 9-23-2013, eff. 10-8-2013)
   E.   Any reported violation requires three (3) directly affected property owners within five hundred feet (500') of the property reportedly in violation. (Ord. 2014-15, 7-28-2014)