Short term rental and lodge use of a single family dwelling shall be an allowed use in Residential Zones if the following terms are complied with:
   A.   Each short term rental or lodge shall maintain a current Kane County business license.
   B.   Owner shall maintain active registration with the State of Utah and remit all taxes deemed necessary by the Utah State Tax Commission.
   C.   Short term rental or lodge shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations set forth by the local Health Department including the County Building Department, and Kane County Land Use Authority.
   D.   Short term rentals and lodges are limited to one short term unit per property, unless allowed otherwise by zone.
   E.   Short term rental shall not exceed the maximum occupancy of fourteen (14) individuals at a time.
   F.   Lodges shall not exceed the maximum occupancy of twenty four (24) individuals, if the property is serviced by Municipal scale water and sewer, an additional eleven (11) individuals may be permitted for a maximum occupancy of thirty five (35) through the conditional use application.
   G.   Short term rentals and lodges shall provide a minimum of four (4) off street parking spaces. (Ord. 2019-09, 5-14-2019)