The following definitions shall apply to this article:
LODGES, RESIDENTIAL: A building or dwelling with one or more rooms that are rented out by the day for not more than thirty (30) days by a single paying affiliated group of fifteen (15) or more individuals, but not more than twenty four (24) individuals. In the case that the subject property is serviced by Municipal scale water and sewer, an additional eleven (11) individuals may be permitted for a maximum occupancy of thirty five (35) through the conditional use application.
NIGHTLY/SHORT TERM RENTAL: A detached single-family dwelling unit used as a transient lodging facility occupied at any time by less than fifteen (15) individuals of a single group on a temporary basis for less than thirty (30) days as an alternative to a hotel or motel.
OWNER: The recorded property owner of the residence being used as a short term rental or lodge. The owner may be a person or any form of business entity recognized by the State of Utah. If the owner is a business entity, the business shall maintain current registration with the Utah Department of Commerce.
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY: The owner's agent for renting and/or managing the property, if any. (Ord. O-2019-5, 4-22-2019; amd. Ord. 2019-09, 5-14-2019)