9-1-14: FEES:
Fees may be charged to applicants for building, occupancy, and conditional use permits, design review and planned unit development approval, Land Use Authority and Appeal Authority hearings, and such other services as are required by this title to be performed by public officers or agencies. Such fees shall be established by the legislative body and shall be in amounts reasonably necessary to defray costs to the public. In the event additional engineering costs are accrued by the County related to a specific project, the project applicant will be responsible for all additional engineering fees.
All fee appeals for a fee charged will be regulated in accordance with Utah State Code, section 17-27a-509 and will be subject to an Appeal Authority described in part 7, Appeal Authority and Variances, and District Court review in accordance with part 8, District Court Review, to determine whether a fee reflects only the reasonable estimated cost of: regulation; processing an application; issuing a permit; or delivering the service for which the applicant or owner paid the fee. (Ord. O-2019-4, 3-25-2019)