The County Commission may from time to time amend the number, shape, boundaries or areas of any zone, or any regulation or any other provision of the land use ordinance. Any such amendment shall not be made or become effective until notice and public hearing as required by law and unless the same shall have been proposed by or be first submitted to the Planning Commission for its recommendation.
In the case of an application by a property owner or other citizen for an amendment, the County Land Use Authority and/or the Board of County Commissioners, as a prerequisite to the consideration of such application, shall require that such applicant, at the applicant's expense, furnish to such commission and/or Board title evidence, in such form as such commission or Board may determine, indicating the ownership of the property to be affected by the proposed amendment and the interest therein of the applicant, and shall also require that notice of such proposed amendment be given to all parties claiming an interest in such property. (Ord. 2013-5, 8-12-2013, eff. 8-27-2013)