It is the intent and purpose of the board of county commissioners of Kane County, state of Utah, to avail itself of the powers granted under Utah state code section 17-27a-101 et al., the county land use, development, and management act (CLUDMA), as amended, only in a manner that will promote the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity, and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of Kane County as seems appropriate in a rural setting, to this end:
   A.   To implement the general plan and to guide the future growth of the county in compliance with the general plan.
   B.   To regulate land use in a manner that will encourage and facilitate orderly growth and development in the county.
   C.   To provide land use regulations for the unincorporated areas of the county.
   D.   To enable economy in government expenditures in the process of development.
   E.   To promote the efficient and economical utilization, conservation, and production of land, water, and other resources and facilities.
   F.   To foster the county's agricultural, commercial and industrial development.
   G.   To facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewer, schools, parks, and other public requirements.
   H.   To reduce the waste of physical, financial, and human resources.
   I.   To lessen congested streets.
   J.   To avoid or lessen the hazards to persons or damage to property.
   K.   To stabilize and improve property values.
   L.   To protect the tax base.
   M.   To promote a more attractive and wholesome environment.
   N.   To promote conditions favorable to prosperity, recreational activities, educational, and cultural opportunities.
   O.   To support the use of energy conservation methods, i.e., solar and renewable energy sources.
   P.   To protect both urban and nonurban development.
   Q.   To encourage a variety of housing types and promote moderate income housing.
   R.   To assist the public in identifying and understanding regulations affecting the development and use of land.
   S.   To enforce the provisions of this title and to minimize the exceptions and variances, hereto. (Ord. 2013-5, 8-12-2013, eff. 8-27-2013)