A.   All traffic and other safety laws and rules apply to operation of off highway vehicles, including the prohibited use of said vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs 1 , and violations of such laws and regulations shall be subject to penalties under state law.
   B.   No person may operate an off highway vehicle in connection with acts of vandalism, harassment of wildlife or domestic animals, burglaries, other crimes, damage to the environment which includes excessive pollution of air, water or land, abuse of the watershed, impairment of plant or animal life, or excessive noise.
   C.   No person shall operate or accompany a person operating an OHV upon privately owned land of any other person, firm or corporation without permission from the owner, or person in charge.
      1.   It is unlawful for a person to remain on private land upon request of the owner or person in charge to leave the properties.
      2.   This section does not apply to prescriptive easements.
   D.   It is unlawful for any person to tear down, mutilate or destroy any sign, signboards, or other notice, including those which regulate trespassing for purposes of operating an OHV; or to tear down, deface or destroy any fence or other enclosure or any gate or bars belonging to such fence or enclosure. (Ord. 2005-3, 8-8-2005)



1. UCA § 41-6-44.