A.   Authority: Any dog owned, kept or harbored within the county in violation of this chapter may be taken up and impounded by the county sheriff's office whenever or wherever such dog may be found. Notice shall be given in person or by mail to the owner or keeper of the dog, and the owner or keeper shall have five (5) days after personal notice or after mailing of such notice to redeem the dog as hereinafter provided. No redemption may be made for a dog that is being impounded due to an animal bite or other fierce, dangerous, vicious or malicious act, until after a determination is made by an appropriate court. (Ord. 2014-14, 7-28-2014, eff. 8-12-2014)
   B.   Notice: Written or oral notice given to the owner or keeper or to a member of his household over the age of fourteen (14) years shall be construed as personal notice, and notice by mail shall be accomplished by depositing such notice first class mail, postage prepaid.
   C.   Redemption Fee: Any dog impounded as provided by this section may be redeemed within the time provided above by paying to the county a pound fee in such amount as established by the county sheriff; provided, the payment of such fee shall not exempt the owner or keeper from prosecution and punishment for violation of this chapter. (Ord. 2014-4, 4-28-2014, eff. 5-13-2014)
   D.   Destruction/Disposition Of Impounded Dogs: Any dog impounded under the provisions of this chapter may be destroyed if it has been impounded five (5) days without being redeemed unless it is being held for a determination of being fierce, dangerous, vicious or malicious. A nonfierce, nondangerous, nonvicious or nonmalicious dog may be placed in an appropriate facility or placed for adoption so long as the placement is in compliance with Utah code section 11-46-101 et al., the animal welfare act. A dog found to be fierce, dangerous, vicious or malicious may be destroyed as set forth in subsection E of this section.
   E.   Destruction Of Dangerous Animals: The county sheriff is authorized to kill, or cause to be killed, all fierce, dangerous, vicious or malicious animals found within the county limits after a finding of fierce, dangerous, vicious, or malicious animal has been made by a court with competent jurisdiction. An appropriate entity may obtain the consent of the sheriff to possess such an animal so long as the entity agrees to maintain appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of the public and agrees to indemnify the county against any liability that may arise due to the animal. The sheriff has the sole discretion to give consent and to determine the appropriate precautions. (Ord. 2014-14, 7-28-2014, eff. 8-12-2014)