A.   Notice Of Violation: Whenever a nuisance is found to exist within the County, any authorized representative shall give written notice to the owner and/or occupant of the property upon which such nuisance exists or upon the person allowing, causing or maintaining the nuisance. The notice of violation under the provisions of this section shall contain:
      1.   The location of the violation.
      2.   A description of what constitutes the violation.
      3.   A statement of acts necessary to abate or correct the violation.
      4.   A date by which the violation must be abated or corrected to avoid further legal action.
   B.   Complaint: In the event the owner or occupant of the property upon which such nuisance exists has failed within the prescribed time to abate such nuisance, then an authorized representative shall file a complaint pursuant to the processes and methods prescribed by chapter 2, article IX, "Administrative Adjudication", of this code. Any authorized representative may issue a complaint against the owners, lessees and/or occupants of said property or the persons responsible for causing the nuisance charging a violation of any section or subsection of this chapter. Such complaint may seek any and all applicable relief available at law or in equity including, but not limited to, abatement of the nuisance, fines or injunctive relief. Issuance of a notice of violation shall not be a precondition to the filing of a complaint. (Ord. 10-186, 6-8-2010, eff. 7-1-2010)