A.   Application for permits shall be made in writing to the chairman of the county board at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date of the special event and any application received within thirty (30) days of a special event may be denied unless otherwise provided in this section 14-3.
   B.   Applications shall provide all information requested on forms specified by the county and shall be accompanied by all required supporting documentation including, but not limited to, a site plan. The county may, at its discretion, request further documentation from any applicant. No application shall receive final approval until all supporting documentation has been received.
   C.   The event applicant, sponsor, property owner, and contact name of the person overseeing the special event who will be on site during said special event must be included in the application along with addresses and phone numbers where said person may be reached during an emergency during the event.
   D.   The written consent of the owner of record of the subject property shall be required on all applications. If the land is held in trust, the signatures of all of the beneficiaries of the trust shall be required.
   E.   Applicant must indicate if alcohol will be served, sold, or distributed at a special event. (Ord. 09-410, 11-10-2009, eff. 1-1-2010)