AMUSEMENT RIDES AND ATTRACTIONS: Any building, structure, or mechanized device(s), through which people walk or which carries passengers to provide entertainment.
ATTENDANCE: Total attendance during the entire event unless otherwise specified.
CARNIVAL: An enterprise which offers amusement, games or entertainment to the public by means of one or more amusement rides and/or attractions.
FAIR: An enterprise principally devoted to the exhibition of products or agriculture or industry where amusement rides, concerts, or other entertainment or attractions may also be operated or offered.
RODEOS-CHARREADAS: Public competitions and/or exhibitions in which ranching skills are demonstrated such as bronco riding and calf roping, test of the horse, bull riding and skirmish.
SPECIAL EVENT: Any activity on public or private property that brings together a total of one hundred (100) or more people.
SPORTING EVENT: An event generally organized for the purpose of competition to include participants and/or the entertainment of spectators which are usually governed by rules or customs.
TEMPORARY STRUCTURES: Anything temporarily erected, the use of which requires a location on or in the ground, or attached to something having a location on or in the ground, including signs and billboards, and supports and frames thereof. (Ord. 09-410, 11-10-2009, eff. 1-1-2010)