A.   Enforcement Provisions: The following will be determined a finable offense: failure to obtain a permit application for an alarm system and failure to comply with appropriate maintenance and education so that three (3) or more false alarms within a permit year have taken place.
   B.   Alarm Not False: An alarm is not false when the alarm user proves that:
      1.   An individual activated the alarm based upon reasonable belief that an emergency, or actual, or threatened criminal activity requiring immediate response existed;
      2.   The alarm system was activated by lightning or an electrical surge that caused physical damage to the system, as evidenced by the testimony of a licensed alarm system contractor who conducted an on site inspection and personally documented the damage to the system;
      3.   The alarm user experienced a power outage of four (4) or more hours, causing the alarm system to activate upon restoration of power, as evidenced by written documentation by their provider;
      4.   An alarm dispatch request, that is cancelled by the alarm company, prior to the arrival of an officer(s), is not considered a false alarm.
   C.   Classification: If a Kane County Sheriff's Officer(s) responds and finds no evidence of criminal activity or medical need, the alarm will be classified as a false alarm.
   D.   Discontinuance Of Law Enforcement Response: Failure to make payment of applicable fees and/or fines, assessed under this chapter, within thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice, shall result in suspension of law enforcement response to alarm signals that may occur at the premises described in the alarm user's permit application until payment is received. In addition, failure to register and obtain or renew a permit application may result in no law enforcement response to an unregistered alarm site.
   E.   Written Notice Of Suspension: A written notice of suspension of law enforcement response will be mailed via U.S. registered postal mail to the alarm user, suspending service effective thirty (30) days after payment was due.
   F.   Reinstatement: Sheriff's Office response will be reinstated if the alarm user:
      1.   Pays or otherwise resolves to the satisfaction of the Alarm Administrator all fees and/or fines. (Ord. 17-226, 8-8-2017)