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Ordinance No. 21 - 172
Amending Ordinance No. 17-92, Kane County Road Improvement Impact Fee Ordinance
Committee Flow: Transportation Committee, Executive Committee, County Board
Contact: Tom Rickert, 630.406.7305
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Summary :
The County Board significantly reduced the road impact fees by creating a percentage multiplier in the Kane County Road Improvement Impact Fee Ordinance. The original ordinance required only a portion of the calculated road impact fee to be paid, beginning with a 50% multiplier and increasing three (3) percent each year until reaching 62% on April 11, 2021. However, since the adoption of the current ordinance, the County Board has annually approved an amendment to the ordinance to maintain the impact fee multiplier at 50%.
To continue to promote new residential and commercial development and at the request of Metro West Council of Government, staff recommends an additional one year delay on the scheduled increase in the Kane County Road Improvement Impact Fee Multiplier in Exhibit C of the ordinance. The attached amending ordinance is proposed so that the multiplier would not increase from 50% through April 11, 2022.
EFFECTIVE DATES                IMPACT FEE MULTIPLIER -                           
                     ORIGINAL   PROPOSED
April 11, 2017 through April 10, 2018         50%      50%
April 11, 2018 through April 10, 2019         53%      50%
April 11, 2019 through April 10, 2020         56%      50%
April 11, 2020 through April 10, 2021         59%      50%
April 11, 2021 through April 11, 2022         62%      50%