ORDINANCE NO.  20 - 178
Ordinance No. 20 - 178      
Amending Section 2-48 of the Kane County Code
Committee Flow: Energy and Environmental Committee, Executive Committee, County Board
Contact: Jodie Wollnik, 630.232.3499
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On December 9, 2008, the County Board established the Energy and Environmental Committee.  This Ordinance modifies the language of the committee to include Water Supply Planning and Watershed Plans & Coalitions and clarifies when County owned landfill operation would become Development
WHEREAS, on December 9, 2008 the County Board amended Section 2-48 of the Kane County Code to establish the Energy and Environmental Technology Committee; and
WHEREAS, Water Supply Planning and Watershed Plans are identified in the Kane County 2040 Plan as key elements of Integrated Water Resource Planning; and
WHEREAS, the Energy and Environmental Technology committee is the appropriate Committee to include Water Supply Planning and Watershed Plans & Coalitions;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Kane County Board as follows:
Section 1: Section. 2-48 (a) of the Kane County Code is hereby amended to revise the language for the Energy and Environmental Technology (11) as follows:  This committee shall have jurisdiction to offer assistance and technical expertise to other county agencies, municipalities, departments and offices to address environmental concerns and corrective actions for county owned property, and throughout the county.  In addition, this committee shall have responsibility for all matters pertaining to the Kane County Energy Plan and other energy related issues and opportunities including but not limited to wind turbines, solar energy generation, alternative fuels and other energy sources and projects.  This committee shall also have jurisdiction over the Kane County Sustainability Plan, green sustainable techniques, sustainable/resilient community activities, and environmental technologies that apply to county board buildings and properties.  It shall have jurisdiction over matters pertaining to water supply planning, the education and promotion of water conservation and efficiency, and watershed planning efforts, studies and coalitions.  This committee shall provide educational materials to the public and coordinate with the federal, state and local governments on all programs and initiatives and closely coordinate all work programs and projects with the county development, county administration and county transportation committees.  Finally, this committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to solid waste directives, goals and policies as defined in the Kane County Code or in the Kane County Solid Waste Management Plan, Chapter 11 of this code and the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.  The goal of the Solid Waste Plan is to ensure the county is meeting its solid waste, recycling and waste reduction requirements and goals.  This committee shall also have jurisdiction to direct and oversee the management of county owned landfills from inception to final closure, excluding end use planning, design and  construction.
Passed by the Kane County Board on June 9, 2020.
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John A. Cunningham                  Christopher J. Lauzen
Clerk, County Board                  Chairman, County Board
Kane County, Illinois                  Kane County, Illinois
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