(A)   Permit required.  Except as otherwise provided in this code, no person may obstruct or excavate any right-of-way without first having obtained the appropriate permit from the city. 
      (1)   Excavation permit.  An excavation permit is required to excavate that part of the right-of- way described in the permit and to hinder free and open passage over the specified portion of the right- of-way by placing facilities described therein, to the extent and for the duration specified therein. 
      (2)   Obstruction permit. An obstruction permit is required to hinder free and open passage over the specified portion of right-of-way by placing equipment described therein on the right-of-way, to the extent and for the duration specified therein. An obstruction permit is not required if a person already possesses a valid excavation permit for the same project.
      (3)   Small Wireless Facility Permit. A small wireless facility permit is required to place a new wireless support structure (collocate) in the right-of-way, with the exception that a permit is not required for the installation, placement, maintenance, operation, or replacement of micro wireless facilities suspended on cables strung between existing utility poles in compliance with national safety codes.
      (4)   Small Wireless Special or Conditional Land Use Permit.  A special or conditional land use permit is required to install a new wireless support structure in a right-of-way where the underlying district or area is zoned for single-family residential use or is in a historic district established by federal or state law or city ordinance.
   (B)   Permit extensions.  No person may excavate or obstruct the right-of-way beyond the date or dates specified in the permit unless the person makes a supplementary application for another right-of- way permit before the expiration of the initial permit, and a new permit or permit extension is granted.
   (C)   Delay penalty.  In accordance with Minn. Rules part 7819.1000 subp. 3, as it may be amended from time to time and notwithstanding division (B) of this section, the city shall establish and impose a delay penalty for unreasonable delays in right-of-way excavation, obstruction, patching, or restoration.  The delay penalty shall be established from time to time by the Ordinance Establishing Fees and Charges, adopted pursuant to § 30.11 of this code, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (D)   Permit display.  Permits issued under this subchapter shall be conspicuously displayed or otherwise available at all times at the indicated work site and shall be available for inspection by the city.  Penalty, see § 10.99