(A)   General. Employees whose place of duty is outside of the city offices (for example, public works employees) are required to maintain appropriate communications in conduct of their duties. The city requires that employees use cell phones provided by the city for business use only. The city-provided phone will not be used for personal calls.
   (B)   Routine audit of cell phone usage. For each city-provided cell phone billing cycle, each employee using a city cell phone will review the phone bill and certify in writing on the phone bill whether any personal calls were placed using the cell phone. If personal calls were made, the employee will reimburse the city for these calls in a timely fashion. The employee will also be charged by the city a pro rata share of the monthly charge if the phone was used for personal use.
   (C)   Employee owned (personal) cell phones and PDAs. Employees who own personal cell phones or other communication devices may choose to use them for business calls; however, the city will not reimburse employees for conducting city business on personal cell phones.
   (D)   Cell phone usage. The city conforms to state law regarding using a cell phone while driving a vehicle or operating hazardous equipment. For the safety of employees and others, it is imperative that employees stop at a safe location or discontinue use of equipment in order to place or receive calls, text message or converse on the cell phone in any way unless using a hands-free device.
(Res. 2010-23, passed 11-4-2010)