(A)   When employees are required to travel inside or outside the county on city business, the preferred method of travel is via city-owned vehicles when available. The preferred method of payment is directly by the city (for example, by purchase order or credit card provided by the city). If the employee must use a private vehicle, reimbursement for mileage shall be paid at the IRS reimbursement rate current at the time of the travel.
   (B)   Reimbursement for travel expenses incurred requires appropriate documentation (e.g., receipts, mileage notations) and shall be determined as follows.
      (1)   Prior to traveling overnight or out of the county, the employee shall obtain approval for the trip and the mode of travel from the supervisor or City Council. Reasonable, routine operations of city business are excluded.
      (2)   If the employee is authorized to use a private vehicle, mileage shall be paid at the current Internal Revenue Service reimbursement rate for use of a private vehicle.
      (3)   When travel by city-owned vehicle or public carrier is practical but the employee elects to use a private vehicle for personal reasons, reimbursement will be limited to fuel costs associated with travel to and from the place of duty.
      (4)   Reimbursement for meals on official trips shall not exceed the amount of actual and reasonable expense incurred. Reimbursement is limited to state meal reimbursement rates. The city will not reimbursement for alcoholic beverages during the performance of official duty as a city employee for the city’s benefit. The city will not reimburse for meal expenses on one-day business trips.
      (5)   Lodging expenses are preferably paid by city purchase order or via city-provided credit card. In cases where an employee pays for his or her own lodging, reasonable effort will be made to seek lodging at moderate prices or government rates.
   (C)   Employees will submit requests for reimbursement on city-provided forms. Requests shall be submitted within five working days after completion of travel.
   (D)   City vehicles shall not be used for personal use.
(Res. 2010-23, passed 11-4-2010)