(A)   All job vacancies including newly created jobs shall be publically advertised through local news media (for example, local newspaper and radio) and through the state’s Employment Office. Application materials from applicants, which may include city employees, will be taken under consideration by a hiring committee in a search for the best-qualified candidate. The city encourages promotions and transfers from within city service and seeks to select the best-qualified individual for the position.
   (B)   The appointing power may encourage applications from outside the city service whenever there is reason to believe that better-qualified applicants are available outside the city service.
   (C)   The appointment to fill the vacancy shall be made on a competitive basis utilizing the criteria for appointments established in § 32.020 of this chapter. Where qualifications and ability are relatively equal among candidates already in city employment, length of time within the city service shall be favorably considered.
(Res. 2010-23, passed 11-4-2010)