(A)   The City Recorder shall maintain a personnel record for each employee.
   (B)   The personnel record shall show the employee’s name, title of position held, the department to which assigned, salary, change in employment status, training received and such other information as may be considered pertinent such as annual performance reviews, honors and disciplinary actions.
   (C)   A personnel action form shall be used as the single document to initiate and update personnel records.
   (D)   Employee personnel records shall be considered confidential and shall be accessible only to the following:
      (1)   The employee concerned or employee’s designee;
      (2)   Supervisor or Council as a body;
      (3)   The City Recorder; and/or
      (4)   As required by law.
   (E)   Employees may request copies of their personnel records.
(Res. 2010-23, passed 11-4-2010)