(A)   It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief:
      (1)   To appoint sufficient firefighters;
      (2)   To keep the personnel up to the requirements of this subchapter;
      (3)   To keep a register book up to date of the names of firefighters together with a list of city property respectively held by them;
      (4)   To keep a record of all fires, drills or incidents;
      (5)   To enforce all city fire ordinances;
      (6)   To make frequent inspection of fire apparatus and equipment and report equipment in need of repair to the City Council;
      (7)   To inspect all school buildings and all other buildings upon request of owners once a year;
      (8)   To require by notice in writing, the owner or occupant thereof to abate any nuisance which is or might reasonably be supposed to become a fire hazard, or to refrain from doing, or make or refrain from making any act to improve, where should such act be done or not done or such improvement made or not made according to the order of the Fire Chief, a fire hazard would result. The notice herein required shall be delivered to the occupant or owner if convenient or if not convenient shall be posted on said property in a conspicuous place;
      (9)   To conduct fire drills of the members of his or her company once each week or as often as he or she shall deem necessary to maintain efficiency;
      (10)   To attend Council meetings, make and report to the City Council that they may ask for or that he or she may deem necessary;
      (11)   To take change of all fires, drills or incidents, make orders which, in his or her judgment, are necessary to preserve life and property;
      (12)   To make rules and regulations covering the operation of the Fire Department in the conduct of its own affairs and to post same in fire station; and
      (13)   To take charge of property after a fire in the absence of the owner.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the Assistant Fire Chief to act as Fire Chief during the absence of the Fire Chief and to assist the Fire Chief in the performance of his or her duties.
   (C)   It shall be the duty of the firefighter:
      (1)   To obey the orders of the Fire Chief or Assistant Chief while on duty;
      (2)   To enforce under the order of the Fire Chief or Assistant Chief all fire ordinances or rules;
      (3)   To attend all fire calls, drills or incidents; and
      (4)   To notify the Fire Chief or Assistant Chief, when leaving the city, to be gone for a period of time exceeding three days.
(Ord. 94-05, passed 12-16-1994)