(A)   Provision of authority. The procurement practices and procedures set forth in this section are authorized for department heads in making small procurement (in an amount of $5,000 or less) pursuant to the authority granted by ORS 279B.065.
   (B)   Catalogues and price lists. Goods or services may be ordered from catalogues or other established price lists without resort to informal competitive price quotes. The department head purchasing by said method should periodically make such inquiries as to confirm the reasonableness and competitiveness of the price or prices and of the quality of the product or service.
   (C)   General standard. The department head may follow such small procurement procedures in general, whether involving informal price quotes or not, as is deemed reasonable under the circumstances and should endeavor to obtain a fair value for the city consistent with reasonable expenditures of time in making such procurement.
   (D)   Basis for award. The department head may award the contract based upon the award which is in the best interests of the city, including consideration of all applicable factors of which price is but one.
   (E)   No notices. No notices of intent to award a contract will be given by the city in connection with small procurement.
(Ord. 2010-01, passed 7-1-2010)