(A)   Pre-employment. The employer will pay the costs associated with pre-employment testing. The employer will not pay the candidate’s time for a pre-employment test.
   (B)   Regular status and new probationary employees. The employer will pay testing costs including paid time for random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing. Additional costs which result from an employee who voluntary admits use or violates any of the provisions of this policy will be the responsibility of the employee unless those costs are covered by insurance or otherwise covered by any of the employer programs for which the employee is eligible. Such costs may include the dependency evaluation, treatment, return-to-duty testing and follow-up testing. An employee who requests to have a test performed on a split specimen following a positive drug result on the primary specimen must make the arrangements and pay for the test through the MRO. The employer will reimburse the employee for the testing cost if the test result does not re-confirm the non-negative test. Time losses incurred while seeking an evaluation or participating in treatment programs as well as the time needed to submit to follow-up testing shall be at the employee’s expense and will not be compensated by the employer.
(Res. 2003-01, passed 1-7-2003)