§ 33.01  PHILOSOPHY.
   (A)   The city believes that it has an obligation and right to have alert, drug/alcohol free employees on the job and must provide a safe work environment. This means that during working hours, all employees are expected to be free from any substance, whether legal or illegal, that can negatively affect job performance or risk the health and safety of employees or the public.
   (B)   The purpose of this testing policy is to protect the physical and psychological well-being of all the employees at the city’s facilities and job sites and protect the safety of the public as well as comply with federal regulations. Use of intoxicants and drugs that alter the ability to function on the job in an effective and safe manner will not be tolerated. The use of or condition of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol while at work can affect the morale of other employees as well as increase accidents, theft and absenteeism. This testing policy is a critical step in establishing and maintaining an efficient and safe work force and will be applied in conjunction with all established company policies, procedures and programs.
   (C)   The city will vigorously pursue the enforcement of this policy, and will make efforts to protect the privacy of its employees. It is the intent of this policy to encourage and support employee recovery from substance abuse through the city’s Employee Assistance Program, (EAP), unless the EAP proves ineffective for this employee.
(Res. 2003-01, passed 1-7-2003)