The city provides worker’s compensation insurance coverage for all employees.
   (A)   When an employee is injured or becomes ill in the performance of duty and becomes eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, the city shall grant paid sick leave for the three-day waiting period required by the worker’s compensation carrier.
   (B)   If the worker’s compensation claim is accepted, the city will pay the employee, at the employee’s request, the difference between time loss wages received from the Worker’s Compensation insurance and the employee’s regular salary rate.
   (C)   An employee on leave status due to an approved claim will contact the city in writing at least once monthly indicating whether the employee intends to return to work. The employee will be returned to work on a limited or full basis as soon as practical.
   (D)   If the employee has been released by the medical provider to return to work, the employee must return to work or request a leave of absence without pay. If there is no documentation from a medical provider that the employee is unable to return to work, he or she must return to work or be on an approved leave of absence. The city is not required to hold the employee’s position open while the employee stays off work awaiting results of an appeal process with the worker’s compensation insurance carrier.
(Res. 2010-23, passed 11-4-2010)