An employee may request leave of absence for the purposes specified in this section. Each request shall be considered on the basis of the guidelines provided in this section. Compensatory time, sick leave and vacation leave will not accrue during periods when employees takes unpaid leave of absence.
   (A)   Compassionate leave. In the event of a death in the employee’s immediate family, an employee may be granted leave of absence with pay not to exceed 24 hours for full time employees and comparable hours for part-time employees. Such hours shall not be charged against the employee’s vacation or sick leave or accrued compensatory time.
   (B)   Funeral participation. When an employee serves as a pallbearer, or in some other way participates in a funeral ceremony, he or she may be granted a reasonable time off to perform such duty. Vacation or accrued compensatory time may be used.
   (C)   Witness or jury duty. An employee called for jury duty or subpoenaed as a witness will not be charged leave during this period. Any compensation received by the employee for such duty (other than mileage reimbursement) shall be paid to the city.
   (D)   Parental leave. The city may grant parental leave to an employee for the purpose of caring for a newborn or a newly placed foster or adoptive child.
      (1)   Length and dates of parental leave will be agreed upon between the employee and the supervisor and documented in writing in the employee’s personnel file. The employee may use earned sick or vacation leave, earned compensatory time and/or leave without pay in any combination. Parental leave will not exceed a total of 720 hours for full-time employees or a comparable number of hours for part-time employees.
      (2)   The employee is not required to exhaust accumulated earned leave or compensatory time before taking leave without pay for reasons of parental leave.
      (3)   When possible, the employee has the right to return from parental leave to their previous job without loss of benefits. Benefits accumulate only during paid leave status and not during leave without pay.
   (E)   Attendance at training, conferences and conventions. Decisions concerning attendance at training, conferences, conventions or other meetings at city expense when beneficial to the city shall be made by the supervisor with the approval of the City Council. Permission shall be granted on the basis of an employee’s participation in or the direct relation of his or her work to the subject matter of the meeting. Employees will be compensated during their travel and attendance at such events.
   (F)   Military leave. An employee who has successfully completed the probationary period and who is a member of the National Guard or reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration or the United States Public Health Service, shall be entitled, upon application, to an unpaid leave of absence from city service. Such leave shall be granted without loss of rights or benefits to which the employee is entitled.
(Res. 2010-23, passed 11-4-2010)