§ 153.12 SKETCH PLAN.
   (A)   Purpose. The subdivider shall prepare a sketch plan for review by the Community Development Director, or designee, depicting the proposed subdivision. The sketch plan and accompanying information shall serve as a basis for discussion between the subdivider and the city and is intended to provide the subdivider with an advisory review without incurring major costs prior to submission of any plat for the proposed subdivision and preliminary proposals for sewer and water connections. The sketch plan may be presented in simple form showing any zoning changes which would be required and showing that consideration has been given to the relationship of the proposed subdivision to existing community facilities that would serve it, to neighboring subdivisions and development, to the topography and vegetation of the site, to the Comprehensive Plan and Growth Development Plan for the area. Because all new subdivisions are required to provide city sewer and city water, the subdivider’s proposal shall include a description of the preliminary proposal for sanitary sewer and water connections.
   (B)   Required information. At least the following information shall be submitted:
      (1)   A sketch plan showing tract boundaries, proposed lots, proposed streets, use, density, proposed park and open space, acreage, and relationship to the surrounding land, location within the city, and generalized natural features including topography, significant trees and woods, water bodies and wetlands;
      (2)   Preliminary description of a proposal for sanitary sewer and city water and general drainage;
      (3)   Any required zoning changes;
      (4)   Proposed timing and staging of development;
      (5)   The sketch plan shall include adjacent properties illustrating the possible relationship between the proposed subdivision and future subdivisions. All subdivisions shall be required to relate well with existing or potential adjacent subdivisions.
   (C)   Review. To the degree possible and based on the general nature of the sketch plan, the City Administrator or the Administrator’s designee will advise the subdivider as to conformity of the subdivision with the Comprehensive Plan, the Growth Development Plan, and this chapter and as to variances that may be required and any other applicable official controls. The Planning Commission may also review the sketch plan and provide advice. Any advice, comments or recommendations for modifications made at this point by the staff or Planning Commission are advisory only and shall not constitute approval or a commitment to approve. Review of the sketch plan will include an initial determination if environmental review documents must be completed pursuant to state law or rules. If such documents are required, the subdivider shall take the proper steps to ensure that the documents are prepared.
(Ord. 85, passed 4- -2005)