The following exceptions to the strict applicability of this section shall be allowed upon the conditions stated:
   (A)   Above ground placement, construction, modification or replacement shall be permitted for:
      (1)   Meters, gauges, regulators, town border stations, compressor stations, transformers, street lighting, service connection pedestals, sectionalizing equipment, substations, and related equipment.
      (2)   Those lines commonly referred to as transmission or substation distribution feeder lines; provided, however, that 60 days prior to commencement of construction of such a project, the City Administrator shall be furnished written notice of the proposed project and upon request, the utility company involved may furnish any relevant information regarding such project to the City Administrator.
      (3)   Those lines in residential, commercial, and industrial areas where the Council, following consideration and recommendation by the Planning Commission, finds that underground placement is financially impractical or not technically feasible due to topographical, subsoil or other existing conditions which adversely affect underground utility placement.
   (B)   Above ground placement of temporary service lines shall only be allowed:
      (1)   During the new construction of any project for a period of not to exceed 24 months.
      (2)   During an emergency to safeguard lives or property within the city.
      (3)   For a period of not more than 7 months when soil conditions make excavation impractical.
(Prior Code, § 4.40)