The following plan requirements shall be submitted with a conditional use permit application required pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance.
   (A)   Five copies of a plot plan drawn to scale and showing:
      (1)   Location and size of the manufactured home park;
      (2)   Location and size of all manufactured home sites, storage areas, recreation areas, buildings, roadways, and parking sites, and all setback lines;
      (3)   Detailed landscaping plans and specifications;
      (4)   Location and width of sidewalks;
      (5)   Plans for sanitary sewage disposal, surface drainage, water systems, electrical service, and gas service;
      (6)   Location and size of all streets abutting the manufactured home park and all entrances from the streets to the manufactured home park;
      (7)   Road construction plans and specifications;
      (8)   Plans for any and all structures; and
      (9)   Such other information as required or implied by these manufactured home park standards or requested by public officials.
   (B)   Name and address of developer;
   (C)   Description of the method of disposing of garbage and refuse;
   (D)   Detailed description of maintenance procedures and grounds supervision; and
   (E)   Outline of timing of construction, including any phased or staged development (i.e., time involved, cost estimates, stage developments, if any, and the like).
(Prior Code, § 4.30) (Ord. 142, passed 9-2-1988)