§ 30.21 SALARIES.
   (A)   Salaries of the Mayor and Council are hereby fixed in amounts as are deemed reasonable.
   (B)   In addition to the monthly salaries, both the Mayor and each Council member shall be compensated his or her costs for each full day and for each half day spent on Council business outside the City of Jordan. Mileage and reimbursement shall be paid to the Mayor and Council members at the rate established by IRS Schedule.
   (C)   The Council salaries shall be amended by ordinance, with the effective date being January 1 of the year after the next election.
   (D)   Per diems. When the Mayor or member(s) of the City Council are required to attend a meeting that meets the criteria set forth in division (E) below, a per diem as set by the Council per extra meeting will be paid.
   (E)   Qualifying per diem meetings. The Mayor or member(s) of the City Council shall receive a per diem for attending meetings of subcommittees of the City Council to which a Council member has been appointed; city advisory committees; meetings of bodies to which a Council Member has been appointed; City Council workshops, if not immediately adjacent to standing City Council meetings; special Council meetings; or other meetings approved at the discretion of City Council. Each day of conference will be treated as 1 extra meeting for per diem payment purposes.
(Prior Code, § 2.12) (Ord. 2022-02, passed 5-23-2022)