(A)   Authority, permission and procedure.
      (1)   Upon an application duly made to the City Administrator and reviewed and recommended by the Chief of Police, the Council may in its discretion, grant special permission whereby on-street parking or the use of city-owned parking lots or ramps or public sidewalks may be temporarily or permanently prohibited or restricted for private reasons and purposes (including, but not limited to, establishment of private or “leased” parking, “loading zones”, or benches) at such places, on such terms and restrictions, and for such consideration as the Council may deem just and equitable.
      (2)   In granting such permission, the Council shall consider the amount of space, location thereof, if any, public inconvenience, hazards to persons or property, provisions to provide for clear visibility of traffic control signs and lines of sight, and special warning devices for pedestrians and drivers.
      (3)   Upon complaint of any aggrieved person at any time and by reason of any specific special permission so granted, the Council shall at its next regular meeting after receipt of the complaint, call a hearing thereon to be held after 10 days’ notice in writing to applicant and complainant and published notice at least 10 days prior to the hearing. After the hearing the Council shall by resolution decide whether to terminate, continue or redefine the terms of the permission and the decision shall be final and binding on all persons directly or indirectly interested therein, except that the Council may, on its own motion, reconsider the same. The Chief of Police may grant special permission for on-street parking in “no parking” districts.
   (B)   Public vehicles. Free and reserved on-street parking shall be limited to city-owned and operated vehicles.
   (C)   Forbidden practices. It is unlawful for any person to park or otherwise infringe upon a grant of right under this section, when clearly and distinctly marked or sign-posted. It is unlawful for any person not granted the right to assert the same, or for any grantee of the right to exceed the same under claim thereto.
   (D)   Condition. Before granting any permit under any of the provisions of this section, the Council may impose the insurance or bonding conditions thereon as it deems proper for safeguarding the persons and property, considering the projected danger to public or private property or to persons. The insurance or bond shall also protect the city from any suit, action or cause of action arising by reason thereof.
(Prior Code, § 7.14) Penalty, see § 70.99