(A)   Council action. No device, sign or signal shall be erected or maintained for traffic or parking control unless the Council shall first have approved and directed the same, except as otherwise provided in this section; provided, that when traffic and parking control is marked or sign-posted, the marking or sign-posting shall attest to Council action thereon.
   (B)   Temporary restrictions. The city, acting through the Chief of Police or Fire Chief, may temporarily restrict traffic or parking for any private, public or experimental purpose. It is the duty of the Chief of Police or Fire Chief to so restrict traffic or parking when a hazardous condition arises or is observed.
   (C)   Orders of an officer. It is a misdemeanor for any person to willfully fail or refuse to comply with any direction of police officers or firefighters who within the course of their duty are directing, controlling or regulating traffic.
   (D)   Damaging or moving markings. It is a misdemeanor for any person to deface, mar, damage, move, remove, or in any way tamper with any structure, work, material, equipment, tools, sign, signal, barricade, fence, painting or appurtenance in any street unless the person has written permission from the city or is an agent, employee or contractor for the city, or other authority having jurisdiction over a particular street, and acting within the authority or scope of a contract with the city or such other authority.
(Prior Code, § 7.04) (Am. Ord. 2015-04, passed 3-16-2015)