If any person shall be aggrieved by any administrative decision of the City Administrator, any other elected or appointed city official or employee, or any Board or Commission not having within its structure an appellate procedure, the aggrieved person is entitled to a full hearing before the Council upon serving a written request therefor upon the City Administrator or his or her designee at least 5 business days prior to any regular Council meeting. The request shall contain a general statement setting forth the administrative decision to be challenged by the appellant. At such hearing the appellant may present any evidence he or she deems pertinent to the appeal, but the city shall not be required to keep a verbatim record of the proceedings. The Mayor, or other officer presiding at the hearing, may, in the interest of justice or to comply with time requirements and on his or her own motion or the motion of the appellant, the City Administrator, or a member of the Council, adjourn the hearing to a more convenient time or place, but such time or place shall be fixed and determined before adjournment so as to avoid the necessity for formal notice of reconvening.
(Prior Code, § 2.06)