(A)   The City Administrator shall prepare the following items:
      (1)   An agenda for the forthcoming meeting;
      (2)   A compiled list of all vendors who have filed verified accounts requesting payment for goods or services rendered the city during the preceding month and the amounts;
      (3)   A copy of all minutes to be considered; and
      (4)   Copies of other proposals, communications or other documents as the City Administrator deems necessary or proper for advance consideration by the Council.
   (B)   The City Administrator shall forthwith cause to be mailed, delivered, or conveyed electronically to each member of the Council copies of all documents.
   (C)   “Rules of City Council Meeting Procedures” created by the City Council as amended from time to time shall govern all Council meetings as to procedural matters not set forth in the City Code.
(Prior Code, § 2.04) (Am. Ord. 2018-09, passed 6-18-2018)