A.   Permit Required; Plans:
      1.   Before any driveway, apron or approach shall be installed over the portion of the street including the town's right of way easement, a permit must be obtained from the town clerk with the approval of the town engineer.
      2.   The application for the driveway, apron or approach shall be accompanied by the details, plans, profiles, specifications, and estimate of cost thereof.
      3.   The construction of the driveways, aprons or approaches shall conform to the specifications approved by the trustees of the town for paving of streets.
      4.   Such permit shall be issued only to a licensed contractor. (1984 Code § 14-214)
   B.   Driveway Inspection Fee: Before the permit, as provided for in subsection A of this section, shall be issued, the applicant shall pay an inspection fee as required for street paving. (1984 Code § 14-215; amd. 2002 Code)