A.   Cost Estimate: It is the duty of any person desiring to make any cut, alteration or change in any paved or traveled portion of any street or alley, or appurtenance thereto, to estimate the cost of restoring the street, alley, curb, gutter or sidewalk or other appurtenance thereto.
   B.   Deposit; Receipt: The person shall deposit such estimated sum with the town clerk who shall issue a duplicate receipt to such person for same. The duplicate receipt or copy thereof shall be delivered to the town engineer by such person who shall then issue authority to town clerk to issue permit for such cutting, altering or change.
   C.   Notice To Engineer; Inspection: The holder of the permit, at the conclusion of the restoring of such street, alley, gutter, curb, sidewalk or appurtenance, shall notify the town engineer who shall make an inspection of the same.
   D.   Satisfactory Work; Refund: If the work is satisfactory, the town engineer shall give a statement to the person to that effect, and the town clerk shall, upon presentation of such statement, refund the deposit.
   E.   Unsatisfactory Work: If the work is not satisfactory, then the town engineer shall notify the person to complete the same in a satisfactory manner within ten (10) days from the receipt of such notice. If the work is not satisfactorily completed, then the town engineer or town trustee shall have it done and pay for the same out of the deposit. The balance if any, shall be refunded by the town clerk.
   F.   Separate Account For Deposits: It is the duty of the town clerk to keep the deposits in a separate account. (1984 Code § 14-213)