A.   Permit: It is unlawful for any person to cut, alter, mutilate or change in any way or manner for any purpose any paved or traveled portion of any street or alley, or any curb, gutter, catch basin or any other appurtenance of any street or alley, or any sidewalk in the town without securing a permit from the town clerk, on approval of the town engineer, to make such cut, alteration or change.
   B.   Exceptions: This requirement shall not apply to any person acting under the direct supervision of the town engineer or town trustees, nor shall it apply to any person repairing or replacing a sidewalk under a sidewalk permit, provided such person only changes the sidewalk.
   C.   Fee: Before the permit is issued, the applicant shall pay a fee as set by the town board for each cut to be made. (1984 Code § 14-212)