A.   Destruction Following Complaint; Court Judgment:
      1.   When any complaint is filed in the municipal court of the town alleging that a vicious or dangerous dog is owned, possessed, kept or harbored in violation of subsection 7-2-5F of this chapter, it is the duty of the person against whom such complaint is filed, or any other person having control or custody of the dog alleged to be vicious and dangerous, to deliver such dog to the animal control officer or his duly appointed representative for confinement in the town dog pound, pending the judgment of the municipal court in such case.
      2.   If the municipal court shall find the party against whom the complaint is filed guilty of violating the provisions of subsection 7-2-5F of this chapter, such dog may be destroyed. If the municipal court judgment is appealed to a higher court as provided by the statutes of the state and the ordinances of the town, this dog will not be destroyed until the appeal is disposed of by the higher court. (1984 Code § 4-126; amd. 2002 Code)
   B.   Self-Defense From Vicious Dog: Any person may kill a dog in self-defense or in defense of another when the dog, without undue provocation, bites him or the other, or attacks, or attempts to bite or attack him or the other in such manner that an ordinarily prudent person would be led to believe that the person toward whom the efforts of the dog are directed is about to be bitten or otherwise physically harmed. (1984 Code § 4-127)